Institute of Commercial Diplomacy and Arbitration
"Nicolae Titulescu"


1A. Time management
B. Management of urban conglomerates. Introduction into the “city manager diplomat” position. “Commercial diplomat” title.

2A. Geopolitics and Applied Commercial Diplomacy
B. General theory of information-intelligence from the Public Diplomacy point of view

3Diplomatic safety and external relations

4Commercial diplomacy leadership. Organisational culture. Risk and conflict management

5Negotiation art and communication in Commercial Diplomacy

6Protocol, etiquette and diplomatic ceremonial

7Social policies of external trade and international relations

8Management of European (EU) and international investment and strategy policy

9Religion history. Multiculturalism

10Corruption and economic crime management

11Arbitrage in international trade (Uncitral Charter)

12Turkish courses

13English courses

14German courses

15Italian courses

16French courses

17Russian courses

18Greek courses