Institute of Commercial Diplomacy and Arbitration
"Nicolae Titulescu"


WE guarantee respect for individuality

• We give each person a chance to materialize expectations, goals and ideals. Therefore, we offer people the opportunity to show the full potential they have.
• We are honest and objective in evaluating our own performance.

WE apply in our work the development strategy of the Institute of Commercial Diplomacy and Arbitration "Nicolae Titulescu" and of the Levantine Commission/Balkanik Handel Haus (Balkan Trade House)

• We work and we get socially, culturally, legally and economically involved, complying with precise objectives and strategies.

WE integrate individual interests with those of the Institute.

• We believe in the common successful desire of people and members of the Institute of Commercial Diplomacy and Arbitration "Nicolae Titulescu". We work all in the same direction regarding the Institute problems as if it were our own personal issues. Institute successes are our personal successes.

WE communicate. This is the cornerstone of our success.

• We overcome conventional limits and invent ways of communication to strengthen our position.
• We develop close relationships, mutually beneficial with internal and external partners, for and in the benefit of the community.

WE respect professionalism.

• We believe that everyone has a responsibility to permanently become better, both individually and in a team.
• We promote constant innovation, encouraging professionalism and accuracy, both in concept and in execution.
• We will always be a benchmark for community, for the professionals we have, and our role will be to always train others for generations of tomorrow.

WE try to be the best.

• We learn from both our successes and failures. We strengthen our identity through our actions, in order to represent a performance criterion for our competitors.