Institute of Commercial Diplomacy and Arbitration
"Nicolae Titulescu"

Message of the Chairman

<< Around the world, a child is born every second, a book is published every 10 minutes, a natural or human disaster is triggered every month or a peace agreement is concluded.

Nowadays, in our fussy Transylvania, in Ardeal region, an edelweiss arose. A group of freedmen, businessmen, culture men, intellectuals of Brasov, Sibiu, Bucharest, Braila, Cluj, gathered around Levantine Commission - BALKANIK Handel Haus (Balkan Trade House) decided to found a new private institutional entity – the Institute of Commercial Diplomacy and Arbitration "Nicolae Titulescu", which is the first private institute headquartered to Brasov, which aims to train a "commercial diplomat", promoting the concept of "city manager diplomat" in the urban conglomerates, associations, foundations, federations, and other economic and trade organizations through continuous improvement of knowledge and skills related to international trade relations.

We embarked on a difficult road and I know it will not be easy. It is well known and unfortunately too often demonstrated that any attempt enjoying success affects certain interests and therefore, some will not hesitate to throw barriers, but we will not stop. Beyond this, we start with the confidence that the economic and commercial heritage of Brasov and Romania will benefit and that probably we will receive praise for our endeavours, if not from contemporaries, at least from the generations that will come after us.

Our revenues and profits will be directed to the realization of this objective.
I want to thank to those academics, militaries and diplomats and who embraced this idea and joined it with their spirit and their skills.

In compliance with the Law on Associations and Foundations (Ordinance no. 26 of 30th of January 2000) Covasna Tribunal, composed of reputed magistrates, admitted the operating license for the Commercial Institute of Diplomacy and Arbitration "Nicolae Titulescu". Depending on the development of the Levantine Commission- Handel BALKANIK Haus (Balkan Trade House) other educational branches of the institute were about to open in all the 8 economic regions of Romania.

Of the total staff of the institute, over 82 per cent of positions are established under legal requirements, covered by staff with teaching experience in military and civil higher education and diplomatic environment.

Since its establishment, the Institute for Commercial Diplomacy and Arbitration "Nicolae Titulescu" insisted and still puts a strong emphasis on specializations that meet the current needs of the market economy, the requirements of modern Romania and on the directions of a real technical, scientific, economic and commercial progress in the world. The main interest of Levantine Commission – BALKANIK Handel Haus (Balkan Trade House) and its Institute is to support and develop the formation of "commercial diplomats", promoting the concept of "city manager diplomat" and to develop economic and trade partnerships with all countries and associative specialised structures.

Through education, culture and scientific domestic and international sessions developed, the Institute of Commercial Diplomacy and Arbitration "Nicolae Titulescu" responds to national goals being characterized by a strong social efficiency.

The spiritual mentor of our Institute, Nicolae Titulescu, following the line of great creators of nations, shields us by her reputation, preaching, by her current followers, that this institution continues to be a bastion of tolerance, free from extremism, chauvinism, irredentism, anti-Semitism. We have to accept that here in Ardeal, orthodoxy must be built together with Catholicism and any other religious orientation for peace and reconciliation of our souls, in order to develop common spiritual values, to preserve the unitary character of the Romanian nation beyond cheap speculations of some unconscious people wanting the federalization of Romania and scattering two millennia of history.

Our mission is:
• to discover and prepare values, to prepare tomorrow's generation. Our profits are headed to improve civil society.
• in the light of economy and systems globalization, we train specialists who represent our national identity and destiny for the third millennium.
• to reconsider over the years the principles of "Jus Valahicum" >>

Quote of the speech of the President-Founder
at the official opening.