Institute of Commercial Diplomacy and Arbitration
"Nicolae Titulescu"

Fundamental values

• We have an honest, fair and trustworthy conduct in all our activities.
• It matters what you do, not who you are.

• We want to be the best and to make the best selection.
• We build the Institute from inside, promoting and rewarding the best members based on performance.
• The members of the Levantine Commission- BALKANIK Handel Haus (Balkan Trade House), students of the Institute of Commercial Diplomacy and Arbitration ,, Nicolae Titulescu "and our employees will always be the most important asset we have.

• We are all responsible, each in his/her field of activity.
• We know very well what we want and where we are heading.
• We work to improve our performance for the service and welfare of the community.

• We believe that we work the best when trust is the foundation of our relations.
• We respect our colleagues, partners and behave the same as we want to be treated.

The desire to win.
• We are committed to be the best in everything we do. We strongly believe in the destiny of Romania of tomorrow.

Our mission.
• New find and prepare values, we prepare tomorrow's generation.
• Our profits are directed towards improving civil society.
• In a context of economy and systems globalization, we train specialists who represent our national identity and destiny for the third millennium.

Our ideal.
• The Institute for Commercial Diplomacy and Arbitration “Nicolae Titulescu”, through the personalities who are part of the teaching council, is a legal entity recognized nationally and internationally with similar structures.
• We want to be the benchmark for measuring performance in the field, through creativity, initiative and OUR ABILITY TO RESPOND EFFECTIVELY TO CHANGE.